The Wonder That Is Emacs

This post is for all you people in Linuxland who stare enviously (and furtively) at Mac users with their TextMate. I know you’ve seen all the screencasts with some geek with a MacBook and TextMate doing their nifty snippet things and going clickety clack on their white keyboards. Well, I know I have and I said, yeah emacs is cool and all but why can’t I have some TextMate coolness? Then I remembered, what the fuck? this is emacs we’re talking about. A quick search reveals that emacs has had html-helper-mode (i.e. snippets) from 19-fucking-95 when html was a baby. Even cooler? It was written by Marc Andreesen. A whole load of history to go with your editing too.

Here are some good blogs to setup your emacs properly with python code-completion, etc.

Python Programming in Emacs
Emacs as a powerful Python IDE
Don’t forget the screencast. That one is from 2006.

Does TextMate do subversion? No, I mean properly….