rBus is now open source

Just a small note that the codebase that powers rBus is now open source.

Personally, I believe that the problems of urban mobility are some of the most important problems of the urban age and the solutions for these cannot come from a single source. Also, rBus is inspired very much by the open source software movement and is intended to work as a community based solution to a shared problem. Thirdly, I have had more than one request to deploy the rBus code for other entrepreneurs looking to solve the same problem. Under these circumstances, the proprietary nature of rBus source code was becoming a stumbling block which has, happily, now been removed.

The source code is available at http://github.com/svs/rbus under an Apache 2 license. You may use the code but not the rBus trademark or logo. I hope to maintain the canonical branch of this source code and so do please contribute your modifications back to this repo.

Also, very pleased to have some more green squares in my github profile!