Lead The World Hall of Fame Finals

Welcome to [Main Sponsor] Lead The World - A [Promoter’s Name] Initiative’s special Hall of Fame edition of [Main Sponsor] Lead India - A [Promoter’s Name] Initiative. So, we have with us today amongst the finest of leaders, political philosophers, thinkers and writers of all ages, and we shall be testing their skills in our crucible of fire, roasting their nuts so to speak, about the burning (no pun intended) issues of the day. First up let me introduce, a man who needs no introduction, the inventor of Communism - Karl Marx. Karl, first question for you - the best thing about religion is -?

Karl: Religion is the op…

Wrong, our SMS polls show that 70% of the people say c) the cute gods, 14% say c) no cute little gods and the rest were pretty much divided equally amongst the cross, the turbans, that blue color and a very small minority reporting that it was all that gazing in rapture at the face of the lord that one gets to do after one is dead. Sorry Karl, your answer does not match those of the population at large. Granted, you have spent many decades thinking long and hard about the oppression suffered by all the poor people…but the best you could come up with is two long and boring books? Thankfully, here in a democracy we go by the will of the people, so minus 5 for you!

Next up, another man who needs no introduction - the Father of Our Great Nation - Mahatma Gandhi.
Mahatma, what would you say your greatest leadership moment was?

Gandhiji: I would say that it would have to be the first time I realised that hope is not lost, that the revolutionary spirit lives. It must have been Septem….

Wrong, 93% of people report that Independence Day 1947 was your greatest leadership moment.

Gandhiji: But…but millions died that night. It was a terrible night. While Nehru was reading out his speech in Delhi, I was in Calcutta, watching the nation be divided. In the west, yet another limb was being amputated. Borders drawn. Walls built. Armies drawn up. And the killings - the trainloads of dead, the scarred and mutilated survivors of will to power. Till today these divisions are robbing those poor, deluded souls of their right to peace and goodwill towards all, their right to a better life. How can you even dream that it was the best night of my life?

Be that as it may MG, in a democracy, the people are always right. Who are you to say that the uneducated man has no right to a voice? Why is your opinion, and I stress, all of these are only opinions, “better” than the man on the street’s? Are you some kind of fascist?

After the break, Noam Chomsky.