Jaane Tu...ya jaane na & Love Story 2050: Movie Reviews

Yes, I cannot tell a lie - I saw both these movies back to back. Yes, voluntarily. No, you may not ask why. Anyways, on with the reviews.

JT…YJN is an insufferable bore of a movie. The story is cliched beyond belief and thanda like kulfi. You can see the end coming just by reading the tag-line of the movie, which in effect makes this movie an exercise in patience. Not that there isn’t enough absurdity in this flick. For example, you meet Peachy and Pumpkin, the so-called world’s coolest parents who want to get their daughter married off as soon as she finishes college. Then there’s Aditi’s brother who’s a straight lift from Six Feet Under. Then there are all the ugly friends, the bad gujju caricatures, the absurdity that is the Ranjhaur ke Rathod, Arbaaz and his brother….the list just goes on. And it is so badly shot, so poorly plotted and so badly directed that Love Story 2050 comes as a breath of fresh air.

I have to admit - I loved this movie. The cinematography was top class, the special effects were mind blowing and it was full of lovely little ideas that kept one entertained through the film. Was there a story? Nope. However, it seems a little unfair to single out this one film for not having a story. Did Jodhaa Akbar have a story? Did Eklavya? Did JT…YJN? Then why is this suddenly a problem with LT2050? Did I mention that the special effects were mind blowing? They were better than any of the Star Wars. The lighting and textures were of jaw-dropping beauty. I was mightily impressed. Do go watch this even if it is just to see a landmark in Indian special effects.Not that this film doesn’t have its share of problems but I found them very easy to forgive.

The show we went for was attended by 60 odd Prime Focus special effects people, in effect the heart and soul of this film and we cheered lustily with them at each explosion and each gorgeously raytraced vista of Mumbai. Nikhat Kazmi does these people a huge disservice when she calls them “picture postcards” and I hope this goes a little way towards setting the record straight.