Cube^2: Hypercube - Movie Review

The movie’s about seven people trapped in a cube with no idea how they got there and no idea what they’re supposed to be doing or how to get out. It seems a simple enough analogy of the existential problem, but treated with a depth of understanding and thought that is definitely above par. One of the seven is a mathematician. He starts off numbering the rooms but as he finds ever increasingly complex numbers, he develops increasingly complex methods and equations to try and make sense of them. It’s a very trippy take on randomness, a concept that has somehow, randomly I suppose, managed to work its way into my reading these days.
What I found most impressive about the film was the very tight canvas the writer has given himself. One cube. Some people. He can’t introduce things at will and so each incident has to not only drive the story forward within this austere space, but at the same time be interesting because with a concept like this, it’s the easiest thing in the world to bore your audiences to death.
And in this small canvas, the writer has managed to talk about Nazi Germany, relationships, philosphy, many many things that I can’t remember now by just refering to them in the most oblique way. I have to watch this movie again. It’s on Star Movies these days but late at night. The best part? No commercial breaks! Though not so good if you’re (as I was) having a beer with the movie.
Also, this is a remake of Cube, the makers of which sadly have very slim credits but I’d be really interested in seeing what else they might have to offer. Guess there’s always this one.

The movie is on again at 1:00 PM Tuesday, May 17, 2005 and 3:00 AM Sunday, May 29, 2005. The Star Movies website has a nice “Remind Me” feature, but it doesn’t seem to work.